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Research is an incredibly complex process — not only the scientific aspect, but also the administration of research studies and trials. Whether you conduct research at a university, hospital, pharmaceutical company, biotech firm, government facility, or an independent lab, you know that effectively managing projects is critical to success. Facilitating regulatory compliance; enhancing protection of human and animal research subjects; managing time of researchers and staff; managing the research facilities; accessing and exchanging data; submitting and managing grant applications; and generating reports – are only some of the demanding tasks. Key Solution’s Research Administration and Compliance System streamlines and automates the entire process for your research organization.

Our product suite is a system for configurable workflow automation. The goal is ‘a paperless system that automates the entire research process’. The system is based on an open architecture that provides easy integration with other application programs, and many popular databases. An object-oriented and platform-independent design provides flexibility as well as scalability to support future growth.

The web-based architecture allows for easy access anywhere, with a robust authentication, authorization, and access control mechanism. The user-centric design is intuitive and requires minimal training, so that users can immediately realize many benefits of the system.

A forms management tool (for selected modules) allows you to create custom data entry screens without the need for costly program changes and to maintain multiple versions of the form. Extensive built-in and ad hoc reporting (for selected modules), as well as easy interface to third party tools make it easy to access critical information and produce useful standard and custom reports.

‘One of the prime goals of a research organization is to focus more on its core research work and to spend less time and fewer resources on administration and processes.’